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Wonderful views

Spain - Mallorca

Perched on a steep rocky hill covered by Mediterranean vegetation, Can Canyis stands out as a lookout for Canyamel Bay in Mallorca. Designed as four sculptural boxes stacked at an angle on top of each other, the access to the building begins from the ground floor via a gentle zigzag path and through the use of an elavator that leads directly to the main entrance.

Bioclimatically smart, the building consists of a semi-underground area that helps to keep the internal temperature constant. Furthermore, the alignments of the various volumes and façade together with the placement of a small internal patio, allows leveraging on pressure difference in order to generate light breeze of fresh air.

Once you have crossed the front door, you are greeted with the first view of the bay, which is framed by the infinite windows of the dining room. These magnificent views are a constant characterizing every interior space of the house. The refined material palattes ranges from the white lime plaster to a local pale sandstone known as marés- a modern interpretation of traditional spanish concrete tiles- to bleached pinewoods, reminiscent of the ones the sea drags to shore. On this floor you can find the kitchen, storage room and a bedroom with en suite bathroom leaving the top floor with two other rooms with private bathrooms.

Decorated with cement tiles which reiterates the nuances of the landscape, the kitchen takes on materials and colours typical of architectural tradition of the island. The dining table in ash-wood, chairs and backrests in wicker confirm the search for clean and simple lines in the furnishings, many of which are custom designed by the architects.

For the most intimate areas of the house, a microcement flooring with wooden fixtures has been chosen. The peculiarity of the bedrooms with private bathroom contained in a volume of glass consists precisely in the furnishing elements; sinks, bathtub and shower isolated and freely set up in the space, allows you to enjoy the landscape from every point of the room. For both the bathroom and kitchen areas, the progressive stainless steel taps of the ASTA collection has been chosen in combination customized FREE IDEAS outlets with different silicone rubbers color that stays in harmony with the internal design.

Architecture – Caballero Colón / Paula Caballero García & Diego Colón de Carvajal Salís
Photo Credit – Luis Díaz Díaz, Fernando Andrés Puerto


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