Private residence


Sophisticated atmospheres near the North Sea

Belgium - Knokke-Heist

The private residence of the architect De Beir, entirely reimagined while observing the style of the previously existing villa, is located in Knokke, the last town on the Belgian coast prior to crossing the Dutch border.
From the main entrance you will first gain access to the garden, then, via a winding path you will enter a kitchen directly connected to a beautiful terrace surrounded by greenery which summons up the atmosphere of the nearby sea and beach.
Despite the thatched roof and its seemingly traditional appearance, the house is surprising for the modernity of its interiors and the spaciousness of its rooms, generated by the choice of large windows and a skilful use of materials handcrafted in Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The white walls and floors deliver an intense brightness to the rooms, creating a particularly relaxing sensation. Warmth and sophistication emanate from the features of the rooms picked out in smoked larch, from the dark brown iron panels, to the application of dolomite stone from Grè and the blown glass used in the bespoke furniture and accessories. Extreme refinement, sophistication, and linearity are combined in this exclusive residence, just a short stroll from the North Sea.

Architecture – Luc De Beir + Architecten
Photos – Beeldcollectief


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