Private residence


A cutting edge home from the '70s

Germany - Frankfurt

Transforming a townhouse from the 1970s into a cutting edge, twenty-first century home. An important design challenge, put together by Teamgeissert, in Frankfurt.
An ambitious operation born from the desire to subtly reduce the evident geometry of the building and design a new living space, characterised by understated elegance, an expression of architectural attention to design and of particular consideration to formal and material stability.

The focal point of the transformation is the dismantling of the numerous and cramped rooms into a renewed spatial structure: a horseshoe-shaped 130 m2 living space that unfolds around an inner courtyard, communicating with the outdoors in a constant and direct manner so as to almost absorb it.
The simplicity of shapes and materials creates a harmonious atmosphere, accentuated by the lighting used and the choice of muted, discreet colours.

Architecture – Teamgeissert
Photos – Wolfgang Uhlig

CEA's products included in the project


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