Monte Carlo elegance

Monaco - Monte Carlo

A historic building in prestigious Monte Carlo houses the renovation of an apartment whose style reflects the elegance of the city. A precise and cultured choice is dedicated to natural materials skilfully used in a contemporary way.

The four colours used and revisited with different textures come to cover the entire surface of the living space, giving uniqueness to every room of the house and at the same time acting as a common thread between them.

Spaces are pervaded by light that emphasises the exercise of refinement in detail and dialogues with the natural elements of interior furnishings: stone and Canaletto walnut describe the continuous union between architectural thought and call to nature.

Almost sculpted in stone, the BLACK DIAMOND finish steel taps stand out, a precious and elegant insert between sculptural walls.

Project – Architect Matteo Piras, Ellepi Studio
Photo – Anna Positano


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