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Ukraine - Plyuty

3L Residence concerns the renovation of three private houses located in the picturesque village of Plyuty, Kiev region. The aim of the project is to meet the needs of modern life in a country house where dynamism and functionality of spaces, capable of merging with light and nature, become a distinctive feature.

Each individual residence is spread over a single floor and consists of a large living room and kitchen with dining area,
lounge area with outdoor swimming pool, three bedrooms each with own bathroom and dressing rooms, a large study and an apartment for the staff with separate entrance. Natural light becomes a design priority and aesthetic protagonist, so much so that the walls of the house are reduced to a minimum, 70% of the habitable surface is occupied by panoramic windows.

The interior design provides for the distinction between the various rooms through the decoration of vertical walls with different finishes: quartzite and marble panels stand out in the living room and in the master bedroom, a bas-relief in a natural tone characterizes the kitchen area, a unique work of Ukrainians master craftsmen.

A real design jewel is the master bedroom with walk-in closet, illuminated by the large windows to the south and east. The elegance of the Light Gold finish of the CEA taps and accessories gives value to bathroom environments.

Architecture – Sofiia Zhurko, Olena Oliinyk
Photos – Andrey Bezuglov

CEA's products included in the project


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