Metropolitan essence

United States - Manhattan

From garage to urban sanctuary.
Extraordinary architectural intervention that fascinates with the industrial flavour of its nature and its raw, material character. Tadao Ando, like a fine balancing act, combines steel, glass and concrete with elements such as light, shade and water.

The interior design is curated by Michael Gabellini, a meticulous tailor, for the creation of “tailor-made” spaces. This leads to individually configuring each of the seven residences, so that they are timeless, highquality environments that can be passed down into the future. Crossing the threshold, one immediately experiences the tension between light and shadow thanks to the full-height windows that frame the space, and small artificial illuminations that provide a special atmosphere.

Nature is celebrated everywhere, from the water wall in the vestibule to the pools, adding a sense of animation and contemplation. Light and water, primary elements for Ando, are stratified by Gabellini with air and sound, in order to create individual and autonomous living spaces. All this, in a perfect circle, and in itself closed.

Project – Tadao Ando, Gabellini Sheppard Associates
Photo – Paul Warchol, Scott Frances


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