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Handcrafted luxury

Spain - Alicante

Designed by architect Monica Armani, Morning Breeze Villa, located inside the Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, it is one of the most spectacular projects on the Costa Blanca. The amphitheatre entrance with a glass facade more than 7 meters high makes the architectural structure scenographically unique and in synergy with the surrounding nature.

The ground floor, characterized by large open spaces, is divided into kitchen, dining areas and various sitting areas. Outside there are several terraces so that at any time of the day one can enjoy the sun or shade.

Property luxury amenities include a 240-square-meter terrace with 160-degree views, a private fitness center and spa with a hot tub and sauna, landscaped gardens and the option of separate staff quarters.

Stone and wood, natural and timeless materials linked to tradition with attention to sustainability intertwine with designer furnishings. Maximum care and precision characterize every detail, from the choice of materials, to their combinations, to the finishes. CEA taps fit into this context, whose clean and rigorous design completes and enhances the furnishings of the bathrooms and whose material reflects the idea of sustainability inspiring the entire project.

Project: Monica Armani
Photo Credit: Isaac Morelli, Somium

CEA's products included in the project


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