A look into history

Portugal - Lisbon

From the remodelling of a magnificent palace dating back to 1750, at the at hand of architect Teresa Nunes da Ponte and interior designer Andrea Previ, came a luxury boutique hotel.
The Verride Palácio Santa Catarina rises in Lisbon’s flourishing Chiado district and preserves original architectural details undamaged. The structure, reconstructed after the earthquake that hit the city in 1755, and subsequently restored and remodelled in the 1970s, has retained its aesthetically clean and rigorous design typical of the functional Pombaline style of 18th century architecture.

The suites echo the rich decor of the noble Portuguese families of the 18th century; the remodelling process has retained original details such as sculpted wooden ceilings, Portuguese tile panelling and Rococo style plasterwork. In the suites, the azulejos, the typical tiles handmade by Portuguese craftsmen, with their enamelled and decorated surfaces, clad the bathroom walls.
The large windows of the rooms look onto Lisbon’s ancient roads, enabling the serene atmosphere of the landscape to penetrate and inspire. The room are unique and decorated with modern lines and pastel colours in contrast with the colourful facades of the buildings surrounding the hotel. The neutral tones of the interior, from the velvet upholstery, to the bed linen, to the carpets, are balanced by the furniture, consisting of tailor-made wooden pieces with brass and bronze details.
The bathrooms are equipped with CEADESIGN taps and fittings in stainless steel with a satin finish and Light Gold satin finish, a timeless design choice, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Project – Teresa Nunes da Ponte (arhitecture) and Andrea Previ (interior)
Photo – Paulo Carvalho, Fernando Guerra | FG + SG, Francisco Nogueira


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