Fairs & Events - Apr 2017



At CEA’s Milanese space, STEELANDIA is an outright tribute to steel, featuring here as an imaginary landscape. On stage the anatomy of a material, central to every single aspect of CEA’s identity: a dense architecture of steel ingots which enhances its tensile strength and ductility.

Above all, STEELANDIA is a project which focuses attention on the dialogue with the material, exploring its technical and formal intrinsic qualities, its grandeur and majestic elegance. The visual perspective opens to a magic thin cane field, rising up into mirrored and light almost impalpable scenery. An original installation that slowly leads towards a harmonious sensorial itinerary, by revealing steel in all its purest essence.

STEELANDIA represents our vision of sustainability. From the making to the feeling, from the outside to the inside. In order to discover the new ecology of steel that has always played a key role in CEA’s technological application developments and creative excellence.

Milan Design Week, 5th April 2017 H 6-9 pm
Milan design week, Wednesday 5th April 2017- CEA presents STEELANDIA, in via Brera 9.

Open to the public from 4 April through 9 April 2017, H 10/22.


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