Design: Natalino Malasorti

Towel warmer and electric bathrobe warmer made of AISI 304 stainless steel. EQUILIBRIO is a modular system composed of one or more elements available in two lengths, 580 mm and 1060 mm, which can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Powered by low voltage electricity (24 Volt), according to the principles of energy saving, EQUILIBRIO easily adapts to any domestic and public environment, finding the right modularity depending on the space available and the needs of the project. The clean and linear design makes balance EQUILIBRIO particularly transversal: the universal built-in body built-in part determines the maximum modularity and/or repeatability. A product that combines functionality, sustainability and design in an exemplary way. Registered model.
EQUILIBRIO is available in the standard satin and polished finish and in all CEA’s special finishes (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper and Light Gold) guaranteeing an ecological and biocompatible solution.


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