Design: Natalino Malasorti

The taps collection, made of AISI 316L stainless steel, is available with single handle mixer. Inspired by the pure and archetypal forms of the circle, the GIOTTO collection is designed to guarantee aesthetic and functional consistency. GIOTTO PLUS was born as range extension of GIOTTO collection, give new configurations to the taps through the single-control mixer.
While maintaining the purist and contemporary lines of the previous collection, GIOTTO PLUS comes with a deliberately generous handle, which houses the mixer cartridge inside, which therefore remains on the outside of the product.
A wide choice of remote controls and shower sets allows endless combinations with FREE IDEAS outlets: spouts, shower heads and hand showers allow you to configure and customize the product.
All the products of the GIOTTO PLUS collection are available in the standard satin and polished finish and in all CEA’s special finishes (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper and Light Gold) guaranteeing an ecological and biocompatible solution. These taps are completed with the GIOTTO accessories collection, in which the shape of the circle is repeated several times, emphasizing the concept of perfection.

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Wall-mounted mixers

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Two-hole mixers

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Single hole mixers

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Pillar tap

Taps for shower / bathtub - Thermostatic sets with diverter

Taps for shower / bathtub - Mixer sets

Rim mounted bathtub taps - Mixer sets

Taps for bathtub - Free-standing mixers

Remote controls - Thermostatic sets with diverter

Remote controls - Thermostatic sets with shut-off valves

Remote controls - Wall-mounted mixers

Remote controls - Deck mounted mixers


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