Wall mounted 2 progressive mixers set for bathtub with spout L. 170 mm and cylindrical hand shower Ø 65 mm


  • Flow straightener, suitable for bathtub
  • Product that needs built-in part
  • Auxiliary bracket for plasterboard / fiber-board structures



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Available finishes

S | Satin

L | Polished

Alloy with a reduced content of carbon, universally recognised for the characteristics of hygiene and excellent resistance to the corrosion, particularly suitable for outdoor environments. Thanks to its chemical composition, stainless steel does not oxidize and does not rust in contact with external agents such as water and air. The natural protective film that stainless steel is equipped with makes the material resistant over time and always restorable. CEA products are entirely made with the aid of mechanical procedures that maintain unaltered the unique and extraordinary characteristics of the alloy. The stainless steel used for CEA production is not treated with either chrome plating or galvanic process, preserving the properties of an ecological, eco-friendly, completely recyclable and highly hygienic product.

Special finishes

KD | Black Diamond

Z | Bronze

P | Copper

X | Light Gold

Special finishes treatments, made on customer demand, are the result of an accurate work of chromatic choice and technological development that is based on a high thickness deposition of mixtures of zirconium powder and graphite. Through an evaporation process into vacuum chambers (plasma) the powders go from a vapor phase and then back to a thin film condensed phase. In this way the steel surface is even more resistant against cleaning agents and salty air, and makes the surfaces anti-scratch. In the Black Diamond finish the surface is also protected from calcareous deposits, thanks to the self-lubricating feature that allows you to keep the product clean longer. The CEA special finishes emphasize the unique properties of stainless steel, increasing the gloss and hardness of its surface. All CEA special finishes are ecological and biocompatible.

Color and nuance variations are not to be considered manufacturing defect, but a feature linked to the working process that keeps the material biocompatible and ecological. Chromatic variations in sense of nuances in color tone occur, due to the effect of the material’s oxygenation when exposed to the ambient air - effect found in particular in BRONZE and COPPER finishes. Color change creates the product’s depth and makes it
even more natural.

Wood essences

WE | Wenge

N | Canaletto Walnut

T | Burma Teak

O | Oak

Oak, Burma Teak, Canaletto Walnut and Wenge are the four exclusive wood essences that CEA incorporates with the controls of GIOTTO, ZIQQ and BAR collections. The Steel / Wood combination continues to characterize the design experience of the company and further confirms environmental awareness as being the connective thread of the entire production. The eco-sustainable approach is reflected both in the selection of raw materials, as the mature solid wood comes from certified forests, and manufacturing processes. Similarly to stainless steel, the wood also stands out for its hardness, together with an excellent degree of stability in the presence of humidity or extreme temperatures and resistance to acidic and saline solutions. These characteristics also make our products ideal for the outdoor environment.


Hose in stainless steel

I | Stainless steel

The wire in steel fiber has been traditionally used for CEA handshowers. Made of AISI 316L stainless steel, it is characterised by a marked mechanical strength and resistance towards corrosion by external agents. The hose in steel guarantees a perfect pressure seal, together with a remarkable resistance to the stresses resulting from use.

Silicone rubber hoses

W | White

RAL 9016

AB | Air force blue

RAL 5014

B | Cobalt blue

RAL 5013

G | Anthracite grey

RAL 7043

DB | Quartz grey

RAL 7006

SG | Silk grey

RAL 7044

BK | Black

RAL 9004

A | Aqua green

RAL 6027

PG | Petroleum green

RAL 5020

Especially light and flexible, the silicone rubber is mainly used for hand-showers, as an alternative to the tubes in steel fiber. Widely employed in the medical field, thanks to its peculiarities of hygiene, resistance to chemical harms and to limescale deposits, it is particularly suitable to the bathroom environment. The characteristics of resistance to thermal stress (from -55 °C to +200 °C), oxidation and tear (due to pressure sudden changes) allow an extended use in time and guarantee a colour persistance, even in outdoor installations. The silicone rubber used by CEA is obtained through a processing into pulp, available in a wide range of colors.

Key article code
ModelItemColourWood essenceSpecial finishFinish

S satin finish
L polished finish

Example 1

Article: 25
Silicone rubber colour: W White
Wood essence: N Canaletto Walnut
Special finish: KD Black Diamond
Finish: S satin

Example 2
GAS 05 G S

Article: 05
Handle colour: G Anthracite grey
Finish: S satin


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