Design: Studio MK27 / Marcio Kogan

The taps collection, made of AISI 316L stainless steel, is available with progressive, dual handle and thermostatic mixers. UP&DOWN is characterized by the handle in Technogel®, a particularly ergonomic, hygienic and eco-friendly soft-touch material, widely used in the medical-health field.
UP&DOWN technological innovation concerns the conception of a spout with integrated diverter, located at the end of the spout itself. This system makes it possible to direct the jet of water up or down, progressively decreasing also the flow rate. The supply, perpendicular to the top, is generated by three independent and alligned jets, equipped with a water saving aerator. With the anticlockwise rotation of the diverter, the water is directed towards one of these jets for a "gushing effect". For tub filling there is a free flow solution in order to facilitate filling.
A wide choice of remote controls and shower sets allows endless combinations with FREE IDEAS outlets: spouts, shower heads and hand showers allow you to configure and customize the product.
UP&DOWN is available in satin and polished finish, with handle in Technogel® available in 3 different colors: matt black, translucent anthracite grey and matt silk grey.

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Wall-mounted progressive mixers

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Wall-mounted dual handle taps

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Two-hole progressive mixers

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Three-hole taps

Taps for washbasin / bidet - Single hole progressive mixers

Taps for shower / bathtub - Progressive sets

Rim mounted bathtub taps - Progressive sets

Remote controls - Thermostatic sets with shut-off valves

Remote controls - Thermostatic mixers

Remote controls - Wall-mounted progressive mixer

Remote controls - Deck-mounted progressive mixer

Remote controls - Wall-mounted shut-off valves

Remote controls - Deck-mounted shut-off valves


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