Design: Giulio Gianturco

Adjuvant for cooling and heating systems, TWO optimizes the distribution of the air, giving greater comfort to the environment. Usable in clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, TWO can be controlled using the supplied remote control or by means of the dedicated application (mobile TWO). The carbon fiber blades, its specifically designed engine and electronics to control it, guarantee high efficiency and low consumption. TWO is available in two versions with a 2700 mm diameter and five blades (TWO01) or a 1800 mm diameter and three blades (TWO02). Standard or customized extensions allow installation even on very high or inclined ceilings.
TWO is IP44 certified, Tropical Class T, suitable for environments with temperatures close to 43° C.
TWO has obtained the CB TEST CERTIFICATE, valid in Europe and the state of Singapore.
TWO is made of AISI 316L stainless steel, available in satin finish with blades made of matt black carbon fiber.

Air destratifications


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