bathroom evolution

“A simple and modular element
which includes all the functions of the bathroom”


In its aesthetic simplicity, ABACO integrates all the bathroom system technology into a single element.
The multifunctionality, the compositional flexibility and the ease of installation make it capable of fully responding to the needs of each project.


A modular system for the bathroom, unique and revolutionary, a synthesis of experience and foresight.


Made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316L, an alloy with a reduced carbon content, universally recognized for its characteristics of hygiene and excellent resistance to corrosion.


“ABACO is a common thread that runs through my entire life. It began when I was just a boy, following my father to construction sites to see how water pipes were laid.

Then the extraordinary experience, still alive in me today, of bathroom design, an environment which is dear to me because it is rich in technology and innovation. However, my professional life has always been a search for simplicity and order, so I started thinking about the beauty of creating a modular container that would accommodate all the functions of the bathroom, but it had to be simple and straightforward. Only steel could convey all this: an extremely hygienic, antibacterial material, preserver of experience, knowledge and innovation, a friend.

This new adventure begins with this.”



ABACO is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 316L, alloy with a reduced content of carbon, universally recognised for the characteristics of hygiene and excellent resistance to the corrosion. Thanks to its chemical composition, AISI 316L stainless steel does not oxidize and does not rust in contact with external agents such as water and air. The natural protective film that stainless steel is equipped with makes the material resistant over time and always restorable. CEA products are entirely made with the aid of mechanical procedures that maintain unaltered the unique and extraordinary characteristics of the alloy. The stainless steel used for CEA production is not treated with either chrome plating or galvanic process, preserving the properties of an ecological, eco-friendly, completely recyclable and highly hygienic product.


To enrich the modularity of the compositions, natural cladding materials such as marble and wood are added allowing different interpretations and shades for an even more sculptural and refined style. To highlight the innovative character of ABACO, the thickness of the front of the drawer units and the tops have been reduced to 10 mm for a particularly clean and elegant volume.


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