Private residence


Where Baroque meets modern design

Germany - Munich

Baroque Style and Modern Design, the past and modernity: two seemingly distant universes destined to meet and integrate in a unique manner in this historical, seventeenth-century building.
In the restructuring operation many pre-existing elements had to be taken into account, first of all, the structural architecture of the villa. And then the stucco, the wall coverings, and the parquet floors.
Great knowledge and skill was required to understand how to combine them with innovative materials and the latest technology.
In the interior, bold colours, varying styles and minimalist shapes are interwoven, creating an intriguing contrast. Spaciousness, airiness, and rigorous and geometric linearity characterise the living areas.

The lighting, managed by a sophisticated technological system, gives a feeling of further airiness and enormity of space. An atmosphere of opulent elegance inhabits the rooms.
Special emphasis should be laid on the materials used which are, for the most part, natural and focused on sustainability and durability over time.
The brushed brass, imperial marble and the black wengé kitchen and the bathroom area reproduce the constant dialogue between tradition and modernity. Silk, velvet, and wood, which dominate the living area, reflect the sumptuous character of the Baroque period.

Architecture – Reimann Architecture
Photos – Koy + Winkel Fotografie


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