Private residence


In the Californian lifestyle

United States - Palm Springs

Designed and built according to innovative prefabricated construction systems and technologies, AXIOM DESERT HOUSE is characterised by a pillar and beam construction with a large open room that opens onto a private courtyard, just as in the Californian lifestyle and culture of Palm Springs. Private and public life blend perfectly, incorporating sustainable and energy-efficient products and systems.

Inspired by some fundamental principles of the modernism of the last century, AXIOM DESERT HOUSE is a modern oasis that offers perfect transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, making it ideal for life in the desert, while it can be replicated through sites and variable climates.

Working with CEA to furnish the kitchen and the bathrooms has allowed Turkel Design to keep clean lines and refined and minimalist aesthetics throughout the house, letting taps and their material speak for themselves. They experimented with unexpected materials, including the Canaletto walnut handles on the guest bathroom sink and the sculptural fan made of carbon fibre that takes centre stage in the great room.

Project – Turkel Design Studio
Photo – Chase Daniel


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