Fairs & Events - Aug 2020


Technology for well-being

CEADESIGN returns to Milano Design City in 2020, telling the story of its design journey with products that are all about innovation, technology and sustainability.

The CEA MILANO showroom in Via Brera 9, in Milan, brings together design and formal style, technical competence and product consultancy. A gallery of inspiration that architects can draw on and rework, from tapware through to outdoor showers and ventilation.
The constant throughout is stainless steel, this totally recyclable, ecological, long-lasting, hygienic material. A pioneer in the use of steel as its only production material, CEADESIGN is a true trailblazer, directing this sector’s attention towards the issues of safeguarding the environment and its resources.

During Milano Design City, CEA MILANO will be hosting an exclusive exhibition dedicated to the product of the year, EQUILIBRIO. The event title evokes the importance of feeling safe and protected for our well-being, so EQUILIBRIO becomes a technological response to this need for care and attention. Designed as an electrically heated bathrobe-rail and also available as a towel-rail, EQUILIBRIO is powered by low voltage electricity to ensure safety in every room of the house. EQUILIBRIO dries and warms a bathrobe or towel as a warm embrace, to give a pleasant feeling of well-being. EQUILIBRIO completes the wide range of CEA products with an innovative versatile project that teams energy efficiency with function and comfort in the bathroom. The distinguishing feature of the EQUILIBRIO project is its compositional creativity, which makes this product the essential partner for any shower room.


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