Awards - Mar 2016


IF Design Award 2016

The UP&DOWN TAP win the 2016 edition of the iF Design Award with 5,295 projects selected by a jury of 58 international experts. This award is acknowledged all over the world as a quality benchmark and has been attributed for over 60 years to the best international projects that stand out for design excellence.

The UP & DOWN TAP concept comes from a Marcio Kogan consideration on the dryness problem and the importance of a measured use of the precious water resource for the survival of the future generations and of the planet. The interest on the subject has immediately created a great synergy with CEA, always committed to sustainable development and on meeting the needs of the present while preserving the environment and its resources.

For this reason, the traditional water delivery of the spout is reconsidered, to enable a control on the water flow, in relation to its use. With a simple rotation movement, it is possible to fully open it or reduce it into a “fountain”, to perform simple actions that require a little water, such as drinking and teeth brushing. One of the main aspects of the UP & DOWN TAP is the product ergonomics. Next to stainless steel, material “par excellence” of the CEA collections for its antibacterial properties, an innovative TECHNOGEL® has been chosen, a highly performing, technological material with an unique “soft touch” feature and available in three colours: matt silk gray, translucent anthracite gray and matt black, always combined with the stainless steel satin finish. Similar to the geometrical language of the CEA collections, the design of the UP & DOWN TAP offers coherent, minimal shapes, joining it with the playfulness and freedom of composition guaranteed by the colour of the handles.

“Save water/save life.
The future begins with a simple, conscious deed”.


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