Corporate - Jan 2021

Smart islands

Sustainable industrial innovation project

From the concept/idea to the finished product, every single step of CEA production is checked and managed in compliance with times and process optimization. The production flow takes place following the LEAN-PRODUCTION principles and procedures of waste reduction, ergonomics of workstations, vertical storage and automated picking.

The interconnected and ergonomic smart islands are aimed at simplifying and optimizing the working phases within a U-shaped testing station. Such an intervention represents only one part of the industrial innovation project. Indeed, it forms part of the so-called ‘industry 4.0’ model that has led to the creation of an automation system for the handling of the goods.

The smart islands respect the sustainable industrial innovation project which envisages the implementation of sustainable productive processes with ZERO environmental impact. In fact, these processes are powered by renewable energy and they are devoid of production waste and emissions.

The smart islands have been provided with a testing area that allows the control of all the products. Furthermore, they possess computing devices and semi-automated equipment which support, simplify and secure worker’s operation during the entire executive phases (from assembly to testing and packing).

The project has been realized with a contribution from the Veneto region worth 147,120€ within POR FESR 2014-2020 action 3.1.1 sub A.


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